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Tennis court construction adelaide


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Adelaide Tennis Court Landscaping

So your new tennis court may be just about finished which is fantastic; however, it still doesn’t look quite finished. There might be some bare patches around it, it might still seem too open and exposed, or it just doesn’t look like it quite fits in. Fear not as we can provide basic landscaping services once your court is completed.

This might include some simple retaining walls, plants, trees, or other features to help your new court fit into the surrounding area and complete the image that you have in your mind.

It can just be so relaxing to play tennis in a garden-like surroundings. And with simple landscaping around, you’ll become the envy of your neighbors and friends alike.

This will usually be the final stage of the project, once the court itself is complete and you’ll be glad you did as we’ll be able to ensure that your new court fits in perfectly.

If you need a quote, feel free to contact us now for your tennis court landscaping anywhere in Adelaide. Best Tennis Court Builders Adelaide SA gives the best services from tennis court construction, remodeling, lights and fences installation, and finally, tennis court landscaping.

Tennis Court Landscaping Services Adelaide

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Frequently Asked Questions

The style of tennis court surface you choose varies from person to person. It really depends on your finances and budget, how much regular upkeep you’re prepared to do, & which type suits your garden best as well as your preferred game playing style.

The price can vary quite considerably based on the site location & the ease of access, what type of surface is being built, how much prior preparation work is required (such as earthworks) as well as the type of court surface required. Also prices are more if you decide to have optional added extras, such as lighting and fencing. On average though you’ll be looking at around $60K , with a rough estimated range of $35k to $125K.

Once again this can vary greatly depending on the site location & the ease of access (for machinery, earthworks and equipment), what season we’re in (bad weather can cause delays), and also how much preparation & groundwork is going to be required. The type of surface can also play a large part here, so you might be looking at anywhere from around a few quick weeks to up to 2 months or more depending.

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