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Tennis court construction adelaide


We can offer a wide range of various tennis court services such as construction, restoration or resurfacing, fencing, lighting, and nearby landscaping.

Tennis Court Services Adelaide


There are a wide variety of tennis court styles out there, and there’s no doubt that we can build one that suits the style of your property. This service can include line marking and nets as well as some basic level education on how you can look after your new court properly so that it stays in great shape for years to come.



Do you have an old and worn out tennis court that is just dying to be fixed up and repaired? Tennis courts can deteriorate overtime due to weather, usage and age. Fear not as your old court can be bought back to life with a full tennis court resurface or restoration, we’ll repair and replace the surface, nets, lights, fencing and whatever else is needed to have your tennis court looking brand new.

Lighting & Fencing

A tennis court is just not complete without fencing and lighting, feel free to play faster or more aggressive without worrying that your backhand is going to break a window or injure someone courtside, and enjoy the freedom of being able to play anytime of day 24/7 with tennis court lighting that turns night into day.



Whilst we’re not a landscape gardening company by any means, we can still make sure it looks like your new tennis court belongs. Regardless of it requires a retaining wall perhaps, or some plants or trees or whatever else, our team can come up with some tasteful designs and implement them for you.


Our Values

Quality Workmanship

We take full pride and ownership of our work and want to make sure that our quality and finish is first class all the way, regardless of whether you are getting a basic court resurfacing or a brand new tennis court fit-out.

Customer Service

Not only do we want to make sure we do a great job, we also want our clients to have a fantastic experience with us right for the entire duration of the project and beyond. We always do our very best to ensure we leave every client satisfied and happy, to the point they won’t have a bad thing to say about us.


The personal safety of our team members, clients and any close by members of the public is a high priority for us. Constructing a new tennis court often involves large & bulky machinery so we take maximum precaution to make sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the workday.

Frequently Asked Questions

The style of tennis court surface you choose varies from person to person. It really depends on your finances and budget, how much regular upkeep you’re prepared to do, & which type suits your garden best as well as your preferred game playing style.

The price can vary quite considerably based on the site location & the ease of access, what type of surface is being built, how much prior preparation work is required (such as earthworks) as well as the type of court surface required. Also prices are more if you decide to have optional added extras, such as lighting and fencing. On average though you’ll be looking at around $60K , with a rough estimated range of $35k to $125K.

Once again this can vary greatly depending on the site location & the ease of access (for machinery, earthworks and equipment), what season we’re in (bad weather can cause delays), and also how much preparation & groundwork is going to be required. The type of surface can also play a large part here, so you might be looking at anywhere from around a few quick weeks to up to 2 months or more depending.

Do you need a tennis court resurfaced built replaced ?