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Tennis court construction adelaide


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Adelaide Tennis Court Builders

Tennis Court Builders Adelaide SA is Adelaide’s number one tennis court construction and installation company. Building a tennis court from scratch can be a big job and it involves a lot of planning, permits & scheduling and that’s all before you even begin lifting up a shovel. Luckily though, we’ve been there and done it all many times and know exactly what it takes for tennis court construction done right the first time, ensuring that the project is completed on time, on budget, and with an extremely happy customer at the end of it. Whether you want a clay court, hard court, natural grass court, or artificial grass court, we can help you plan and construct one from scratch, and this includes clearing the site of any debris, preparing & leveling the surface, getting the base ready, then the surface area, as well as the net and then finally the lighting & fencing. Having a tennis court built in your yard can also really add a lot of value to your house as well, and you’ll very likely see your property value go well above the average Adelaide price if it isn’t already. So if you’re ready to take the first step and get your free quote, contact us now to get the ball rolling, and you’ll be enjoying a game of tennis on your own court before you know it.

If you have an existing tennis court that needs restoration, our services also include tennis court resurfacing.

tennis court construction adelaide

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What are the benefits of a home tennis court?

Installing a new tennis court in your back garden will no doubt be a big project, we won’t lie, however there will be many benefits to this once it’s all done and your initial investment will be enjoyed by you and your family for many decades to come.

Keeps Your Fit
Having a tennis court in your own backyard removes all excuses you might have to get some regular exercise, and will ensure that you, your family and friends can all enjoy countless enjoyable games of tennis whilst at the same time keeping you fit and healthy.

Great For Socialising
We can honestly think of no better use for a tennis court than inviting some good friends over for an afternoon game of tennis on your own court. Enjoy the prestige and benefits of playing a home game every time and having a fantastic way to entertain guests whenever you please. You’ll no doubt become quite popular with the neighbours as well!

Property Value
Not every house has a tennis court, in fact most don’t, so when yours now does it can substantially increase the value of it. Not to mention there’s a high level of prestige and exclusiveness that comes from having your own court, and many people are happy to pay a large sum for this.

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So don’t delay, reach out to Tennis Court Builders Adelaide SA now to organise you no-obligation, free quote. We’ll attend your property for free and get a good understanding of what you’re looking for (or if you need ideas we can make suggestions as well) and then provide you a customised quote based on what we discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

The style of tennis court surface you choose varies from person to person. It really depends on your finances and budget, how much regular upkeep you’re prepared to do, & which type suits your garden best as well as your preferred game playing style.

The price can vary quite considerably based on the site location & the ease of access, what type of surface is being built, how much prior preparation work is required (such as earthworks) as well as the type of court surface required. Also prices are more if you decide to have optional added extras, such as lighting and fencing. On average though you’ll be looking at around $60K , with a rough estimated range of $35k to $125K.

Once again this can vary greatly depending on the site location & the ease of access (for machinery, earthworks and equipment), what season we’re in (bad weather can cause delays), and also how much preparation & groundwork is going to be required. The type of surface can also play a large part here, so you might be looking at anywhere from around a few quick weeks to up to 2 months or more depending.

Do you need a tennis court resurfaced built replaced ?